Chrome Ore Processing Plant

Chrome Ore Processing Plant

Chrome Ore processing technology machinery and equipment

Chrome Ore is a sedimentary rock , complex composition , but all have a thin sheet-like or sheet laminated joints, mainly sedimentary rocks of clay formed by the pressure and temperature . The grinding after the crushing shale mining , processing into powder or sand mechanisms can be used for construction projects, ceramics medium . Finished materials on the market can be fully utilized , making chrome ore has also become a way to get rich .

Use chrome ore as a lightweight skeleton material, mixed with ceramic sand, slag or ash and other industrial waste , the use of cement as a binding material , the products have a light weight, insulation, energy-saving features . With the social and economic development , the construction industry has been rapid development , clay bricks because of its small size, weight, poor insulation properties , it is difficult to meet the needs of building development , and the development of new building materials chrome ore space is expanding .

How industrial processing chrome ore

Chrome Ore processing methods mainly used in mining machinery and sand Sand mechanical grinding powder machine processing. Sand with efficient processing of crushed chrome ore , sand suitable for processing the mechanism used in construction projects ; milling Plant and other equipment using high-pressure processing of powders used in ceramics , paint and other industries. Chrome Ore finished material has been widely used in the field of infrastructure works and ceramics .

Chrome Ore mill production line works

When chrome ore mill work , the bulk material by hammer crusher into small particles from the elevator into the storage bin , the material by the electromagnetic vibrating feeder evenly onto the middle of the turntable , the host motor through reducer drive spindle and the layers turntable rotates the turntable driven by dozens of circular shaft pin in the ring roller mill ring raceway scroll and rotate . Powder material in the periphery of the centrifugal force , and falls within the grinding ring raceway ring is press roll , roll rolling , grinding and crushing, crushed material through the first layer into the second layer and the third layer , by a high pressure suction centrifugal fan outside air sucked into the machine, and the powder was crushed material was selected after the third layer belt. Rotating the separator material down heavy crude worm grinding, powder into the air, cyclone powder collector by the lower part of the discharge valve discharge is finished , and the air with a small amount of the fine dust through pulse dust collector after purification discharged through blower and muffler.

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