Clinker Grinding Ball Mill

Clinker Grinding Ball Mill

Clinker Grinding Ball Mill due to the use of new design, compared with the roller ball mill, it has its own unique advantages. It is driven by the motor vertical deceleration, drive means for rotating the inner rotor grinding through the coupling, the media sphere, abrasives, abrasive suspension water mixture. Process equipment operation, the barrel is fixed, only play a strong role in the agitator, it can carry out sampling and adding abrasive in case of downtime. The bottom of the mill filter system can verify whether the specifications of the abrasive grains, in order to re-grind large particles, to achieve grinding and dispersing needs.

Clinker Grinding Ball Mill equipment

Stirring can use two or more different materials dispersed among each other to each other, so as to achieve uniform mixing; also can accelerate heat and mass transfer processes. Examples of the stirring operation is quite common, for example, in the laboratory in an aqueous solution preparation of some salts, in order to accelerate the dissolution, often with a glass rod the liquid in the beaker was stirred. Another example is in order to prepare some kind of suspension, we must constantly stir with a glass rod liquid in the vessel, the solid particles will not sink, but keep it in a liquid suspension. In industrial production, with stirring operation is started from the chemical industry. Stirred ball mill process depends on the normal operation of the stirrer, so stirred ball mill structure, strength is not to be ignored. Since diverse stirring operation, but also there are many types of stirrer. Various stirrer with a variety of attachments can control the flow of state after state, it enables the flow and energy supply situation appears more change, more conducive to strengthening different mixing process.

Advantage of Clinker Grinding Ball Mill

Through practical application shows, a ball mill has the following main advantages: Yield, low power consumption. Ball milling is used in extrusion and grinding this lowest energy consumption, the highest grinding efficiency grinding manner, grinding out material fineness, uniform size, large output. The particle size is about basic 1mm. Mill media wear small, high product purity, long consumable life. This is due to the material layer grinding principles, grinding roller and liner wear without direct contact, and the wear-resistant material made of high alloy wear-resistant materials. Low noise, no dust pollution, the system is at atmospheric pressure, without direct metal grinding collision, finished basic recovery of 100% cost saving and environmental protection, and more conducive to solving the problem of pollution. Easy ball mill installation, machine installation without concrete foundations, can save a lot of construction costs.

Clinker Grinding Ball Mill has been used gypsum, limestone, silicon metal, anthracite coal, copper ore, feldspar, Burden alloys milling companies. Continuous, high-volume use exhibit stable, energy-saving, high-yield and other characteristics in the enterprise. The gap between the rollers and the liner easy gap adjustment outside the machine, without having to stop operation.

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