Vertical Roller Mill Operation

Vertical Roller Mill Operation

Vertical Roller Mill Chosen Experience

Reasonably determine the type and quantity of the vertical roller mill, the ore milling process more reasonable and perfect. We often hear the "design yield the greater the process more perfect" argument. The fundamental research is more vertical roller mill finer system assigned, the greater flexibility of the system to adjust, the more perfect the process. But also reduce operating costs through the use of different types of investment can save mill with ore. Meet the technical requirements under the different models can match the vertical roller mill in order to reduce investment. However, any measures are always trade-offs, although using different models mill can reduce investment as well as lower operation costs, but also inevitably lead to increased mill spare parts purchase and aesthetic impact on the plant layout problem.

Vertical roller mill operating configuration

Further research and development experts suggest vertical roller mill, mill employing mode configuration problems sometimes unbalanced distribution of the grinding system. Thus, we propose some suggestions that the total length constant contact roller or change the type and quantity under is not the case, it is preferable mill, so that mills operate more reasonable, so that the system allocates more It is reasonable. In short vertical roller mill must be configured in order to design production as the basis for the rationality of the process, advanced the principle of comparative analysis on the basis of a different configuration, be preferable, in order to achieve the desired effect of the milling process. To sum up the development of our company based on market demand developed with independent intellectual property rights "several rounds of grinding" into the market. On the use of cost-effective and achieved good market acceptance.

Vertical roller mills are used for grinding of cement, lime, glass, as well as a number of chemical and metallurgical materials for sale. With its data base and test equipment forecasts operating results of many more materials of other industries where coarse, fine or very fine grinding is required. The mills are air swept and suitable for drying, when this air is heated.

Operation principle of vertical roller mill

The coarse material is fed to the center of a round table rotated by an electric motor with gearbox. The material spreads down the slope of the central pile and further by centrifugal force. Conical grinding runners are pressed on the rotating material bed by means of hydraulic or pneumatic and occasionally also by spring force. The ground material passes a retainer ring at the periphery of the table, where it is picked up by a swirled air stream drawn from the lower part of the vertical roller mill and lifted completely to the inlet of an internal separator. The coarse fraction is returned to the center of the table.

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